Volkswagon Jetta Transmission Problem


1. VW 8 Speed Transmission Problem 

Consumers have complained about a number of problems with the Volkswagen Tiguan  AWF8F35 8-Speed Automatic Transmission.

2. Class Action 

A class action has been filed to address the problem and notes one goal was to improve gas economy,

“The Transmission was designed to improve the Class Vehicles’
miles-per-gallon ratings in reaction to consumer demand and mounting pressure
from regulators to continually improve fuel economy. Unfortunately, the fuel
economy came at a price. Under pressure to squeeze
more miles per gallon out of the Class Vehicles, VWGoA calibrated the
Transmission’s software to engage higher gears at insufficient speeds and
insufficient revolutions per minute (“RPMs”) and likewise programmed the
torque converter to lock up at insufficient speeds and at insufficient RPMs. Parrish v. Volkswagen,  8:19-cv-01148.

However, significant problems arose,

the Transmission  grinds, suffers hard and sudden shifts, delayed acceleration,
hesitation, banging into gear, and ultimately suffers broken seals and oil leaks,
resulting in catastrophic failure (the “Transmission Defect.”)

3. Typical Problems  

“There is a growl noise heard when driving less than 25 MPH, around 200 RPMS in 4th gear upshifting to 5th gear.

4. Technical Service Bulletins and Notices 

Volkswagen has essentially acknowledged the problem with its issuance of service bulletins to address the pervasive problem.  See TSB 32-18-01TT.


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