Toyota Rav 4 Hesitation and Acceleration Problems

Owners of the Toyota Rav 4 have complained about engine performance and transmission issues.

As the light changes to green, the engine seems to almost stall out. While it doesn’t do this at every stop, I find it to be a bit concerning as I “nurse” the vehicle through intersections. Please let me know if Toyota is addressing this issue. I was 10 miles from the dealership on my way home when it first happened. It has occurred several times since then

2019 RAV4 Limited 4 cyl

  • Automatic transmission

Transmission jerks at low speeds when in a rolling stop situation. It downshifts rather abruptly. Not present from complete stop. Took it in to dealer for evaluation as I complained to Toyota Customer Experience group. We duplicated the issue with the service manager. They are sending the service report to Toyoata

Owners experiencing problems may be entitled to a refund, vehicle exchange or compensation.

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