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BMW N63 engine problems

Owners of BMWs with the N63 engine have experienced multiple problems.  Once heralded as a new and improved engine, the N63 has proved to be – in the parlance of one blog – “hot garbage”.

BMWs with the N63 engine have been the subject of a “customer care package” campaign by BMW, essentially a voluntary recall cloaked in “proactive repairs”.

A number of components are serviced in this “customer care package”, possibly including replacement of the


The first N63 engines to ship went into 5-series, 6-Series, 7-Series, X5, and X6 model that have names ending with a ’50’ between 2008 and 2012.

Owners of these defective vehicles may be entitled to compensation for loss of use, diminished value, or other claims.  We offer a free consultation as part of our continuing investigation into defects in these cars.  Please call the Law Office of Howard Gutman, 973-598-1980.




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