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Ford ecoboost transmission problem (various vehicles)

MODEL: Ford ecoboost
Problem: Transmission

SUMMARY: Let me start this off by stating that I bought my 2011 F150 Platinum Eco-boost 4×4 on May 20, 2011…I traded in a 2008 King Ranch 4×4 because I fell in love with the look of the Platinum the interior look and comfort…BIGGEST MISTAKE I EVER MADE!!! The fuel economy, fuel gauge, black smoke, and worse the transmission hard shifting in both starting and stopping…BUT the worse experience has been with FORD and their consumer affairs department. They are rude, do not return calls (to me or the Service Manager at the dealership)…This will be my last Ford!!!

This is the detailed list I had to send my attorney, and yes it has unfortunately gotten to the point where I am having to sue Ford to take this vehicle back…They denied a problem with the transmission, then after the reprogram failed, again went back to the excuse, “it reprograms itself based on “driver tendency”…what a load of BS! This vehicle has stalled on me TWICE when coming to a stop!!!

This Friday, December 9, 2011, I had to have the vehicle towed back into the dealership for the 4th time since September…South Carolina Lemon Law allows a total of 30 days in the shop and/or 3 attempts to fix an issue. 5 times with the electronics and gauges NO FIX…5 times about the transmission NO FIX…54 days out of service, BEFORE it was towed in a couple of days ago NO FIX!!!

My fear after seeing the problems everyone else is having is that this is going to lead to a Class Action Suit against Ford and it’s going to take forever for me to get a resolution on my vehicle…I’m already 7 months in and I don’t drive the truck because I am scared of it stopping or continuing to roll in park…

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