2012 Subaru Impreza with check engine light problems

the car has any issue, the check engine, traction control, and flashing cruise control light will be on at the same time. The car auto disables those functions when check engine light is on. From your description, it’s the same issue that haven’t been fix. They reset the error code after they performed the repair. the check engine light will pop up after X miles if the issue still there. Sometime it takes few try to get it all problem straighten out. I had similar experience with mine, took me 3 trips to the dealership to have everything straighten out. It was a camshaft sensor issue P0019, but turned out they had to reprogram the car and replaced the car’s computer part. My dealership was nice enough to offer me a free oil change after all the trouble. But I don’t think the Lemon Law apply to your situation. They just simply haven’t fix that problem. You can check the paper work they gave you to see the detail of the work they performed on your car. That will give you a better idea of what’s wrong and weather it’s the same issue or something new. the check engine light keeps coming on every once in a while, and it’s always P1443.After some research, I’m lead to believe that the problem wasn’t anything but that breather valve, and stems from me trying to workaround it. I’ve likely overfilled the tank, causing fuel to flood the charcoal canister, which is only supposed to receive fuel vapors. This is detrimental to the charcoal and the construction within the canister, and can cause charcoal pellets to brittle, break, crack, dislodge, and enter into parts that would be bad for charcoal pellets to exist. Namely into the vapor lines.So what I’m thinking is there were charcoal fragments/pellets entering into the lines, and this would in turn disable some valve or solenoid from doing its job, hence the error code. Perhaps the varying size of the obstruction would explain why sometimes it’s a code that lasts 70-miles, and sometimes it’s a code that lasts 700 miles…Anyway, driving along at about a little over half-tank, only difference is, I was on an extremely quiet road… able to hear just about everything the car was doing. I heard a little tiny clunk from the back end, right around the evap canister, solenoids, and valves, and lo and behold, check engine light. Now I’m even more confident that something dreadful has happened to my charcoal canister…

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