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Do you have a problem with a new or used car.  We can help!   This site contains:  case reports, service bulletin and recall information, NHTSA data, and hearing suggestions.  Even if your car does not qualify the lemon law, there are other remedies.   We offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your rights with an attorney.

Here are some common questions about lemon law cases…

What can I do to prepare / help my case?

1. Show documentation.  Have the vehicle checked when problems occur, every time problems occur, and save the repair orders.  Avoid the question, “you travelled 6,000 miles without a repair visit, can we assume there were no problems during that period?”.

2. Research common problems.  Show significant problems with the car through service bulletins, NHTSA complaints, and blog posts.

3. Don’t mix minor and major problems.  “I was afraid when the car hesitated and also the radio would periodically lose a signal.”  Focus on the major, operational and safety problem.  A whole list of various problems can weaken your case.

4. Consider a mechanic or expert.  We can discuss having an ASA certified mechanic check the vehicle.

Does it matter where I live?

Lemon laws may differ depending on what state you live in.  However, we have handled cases from many different states, and have offices in New Jersey and New York.

New York Lemon Law Requirements
New Jersey Lemon Law Questions and Answers

What cases have you been involved with?

Mr. Gutman has been handling consumer law claims for over 20 years, securing over 5 million dollars in settlements.  Before establishing his practice, Mr. Gutman was employed by one of the leading law firms in New Jersey and a prominent international law firm located in the Wall Street area.  He has appeared on Good Day New Jersey, and his cases have covered by NBC Nightly News  and the New York Times.   Here are some of the published trial verdicts of this office.

Gutierrez v. Nissan
Nissan brake verdict resulting in full repurchase and payment of counsel fees

Barte v. Kia
Engine problem results in full repurchase and payment of counsel fees

Gantt v. Volkswagen, 95 N.J.A.R.2d 32 This case sets down the important principle that the manufacturer is responsible for any items installed. The dealer installed an alarm which Volkswagen said was unauthorized. Accepting our position, the Court said if the vehicle malfunctioned, it would be a lemon.

Trial Victories and Reported Cases
(List of other trial verdicts, and successful claims)

Who Will Handle My Case?

In some firms, multiple lawyers and paralegals will handle your claim, sometimes learning about the case shortly before a hearing.  Our firm is different.

  • One experienced attorney will handle your case from start to finish.  Mr. Gutman is assisted by Amy Schneider, who is a graduate of Princeton University and MIT.
  • We offer a free initial telephone consultation to discuss your lemon law case. Please feel free to call or e-mail our office.  Have your lemon law case promptly evaluated immediately by an attorney, not a staff person.

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