False or Worthless Warranty Claim

A lawsuit claims that a New Jersey-based auto dealer that specializes in high-end used cars sold customers warranties that did not exist and pocketed the thousands of dollars customers paid for them. The suit alleges that the firm and its employees pushed and sold the warranties to unsuspecting car buyers for years. Some customers claim... Continue Reading →

Chrysler Water Leak, Repurchase of Vehicle Order in case handled by Law Office of Howard Gutman

State of New Jersey,  Office of Administrative Law INITIAL DECISION, OAL DKT. NO. CMA 9965-02 ROBERT A. GIGLIO, Petitioner, v. DAIMLER CHRYSLER MOTOR CORPORATION, Respondent. ________________________________ Howard A. Gutman, Esq. for petitioner Beth Wallach, Esq., for respondent (Hardin, Kundla, McKeon, Poletta & Polifroni, attorneys) BEFORE BARRY N. FRANK, ALJ: Statement of the case and procedural history Robert A. Giglio filed... Continue Reading →

New Jersey Lemon Law Decision: Barte v. Kia

Description of Case:  The consumer experienced problems with stalling and the manufacturer disputed the claim arguing that a problem had not been shown.  After a trial, the consumer won and a full repurchase was ordered. STATE OF NEW JERSEY OFFICE OF ADMINISTRATIVE LAW INITIAL DECISION OAL DKT. NO. CMA07702-00 DARWIN and MARIA BARTE, Petitioner, v.... Continue Reading →

New Jersey Used Car Lemon Law Statute and Regulations

t shall be an unlawful practice for a dealer: To misrepresent the mechanical condition of a used motor vehicle;b. To fail to disclose, prior to sale, any material defect in the mechanical condition of the used motor vehicle which is known to the dealer; To represent that a used motor vehicle, or any component thereof, is free from material defects in mechanical condition at the time of sale, unless the dealer has a reasonable basis for this representation at the time it is made;

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