Jeep Cherokee Fueling Problems

2014-2015 Jeep Cherokees are known for their faulty transmissions, but now Cherokee owners are reporting problems even fueling their cars.  They find gas pumps shutting off after just a half a gallon pumped - and frustration as they can't fill their tanks.  Even after multiple replacements of tanks and hoses the problem is not fixed.  This [...]

9 Speed Transmission Recall

There have been multiple recalls, service bulletins, and  changes in the 9 speed transmission to address serious problems. Jeep and Land Rover showed the first nine-speed  automatic transmissions of the world  at the 2013 Nobel Geneva Motor Show  with the  Jeep Cherokee 2014 the first nine-speed automatic transmission commercially available.   1. Recall Automotive supplier ZF is recalling a control sensor found on [...]

Jeep Wrangler & Other Models Water Leak

There are many causes of water intrusion in the Jeep Wrangler. The improper placement of the soft-top would cause a water intrusion as well as missing parts, i.e., a missing piece of foam from the seal kit. Mr. Santora further identified, when shown, that R-6 is a limited warranty for all Chrysler Jeeps. Mr. Santora stated that Jeeps have been known to leak and that the Wrangler model, due to the fact they have removable tops, is prone to this type of concern. Mr. Santora stated that that the Manufacturer is aware of these concerns and that is why they publish the Jeep Wrangler Diagnosis and Repair Manual for Water Leaks for dealership technicians

Jeep Cherokee Transmission Malfunctions

Many owners have reported a pronounced delay from the time that they step on the gas, until the truck starts to move. These same people also say that stepping on the gas could result in unexpected wheel spin. 2nd Gear – The most common complaint about this gear is that the transmission will hang in 2nd, and not up shift for an extended period of time.

Chrysler 200 Transmission Problems

Drove a Chrysler 200s with 9 speed transmission and its responsiveness was a nightmare. First at highway speed it was very (very) hard to accelerate when you wanted to change line and make pass. It took ridiculous long time to downshift and found the necessary power

Jeep Cherokee Class action filed by Howard Gutman

Chrysler Hit With Jeep Cherokee Class Action Over Transmission Problems An article in topclassaction profiles the Jeep transmission claim filed by our office.  Excerpt from the article follow. By Courtney Jorstad, August 11, 2015 The Chrysler Group LLC, which is now known as FCA US LLC, was hit with an amended class action lawsuit in a New [...]

Chrysler 200 Transmission Problem

Owners of the Chrysler 200 have experienced significant transmission problems which includes jerking and hesitation,  rough shifting, 1.  9 Speed Class Action A class action has been filed alleging widespread problems with Chrysler's  V9-speed automatic transmissions (“ZF 9HP Automatic Transmissions”). 2. Promises and statements by Chrysler Chrysler suggested the 9 speed transmission would provide aggressive launches, [...]

Chrysler SUV Stalling Recall

Chrysler is recalling over 467,000 SUVs because of fuel pump relay problems. Owners who experienced problems may be entitled to compensation. The condition may cause the SUVs to fail to start or could cause engine stall. Chrysler acknowledges that the 2012-2013 Dodge Durangos and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokees may new fuel pump relay circuits. Those [...]