Chevrolet Air-Conditioning Defect: Questions and Answers


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Class Action 

A class action sets forth problems with the air-conditioning systems on multiple GM vehicles.

See In Re Gen. Motors Air  Conditioning Litigation   Our office is presenting claims for inconvenience, repair cost reimbursement and other relief.

Is there a cost to me to present an individual claim

Our office handles Chevrolet air-conditioning claims on a contingency basis with no payment required from the consumer.

What Vehicles are Covered

Car air conditioning
Problems have been reported on GM trucks and SUVs, namely the Cadillac Escalade (model years 2015-2017), the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (model years 2014-2016), the Chevrolet Suburban (model years 2015-2017), the Chevrolet Tahoe (model years 2015-2017), the GMC Sierra 1500 (model years 2014-2016) and the GMC Yukon (model years 2015-2017).

What types of Problems Have been Reported 

According to the class action, because of the high number of failures, AC System replacement parts are on national backorder and the wait for replacement parts is long – often many months.  Components may  crack and leak refrigerant;  lose pressure within the AC System; and  fail to properly function to provide cooled air into the Vehicle’s passenger cabin.   The Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoes all have significant problems with the air conditioning system that may  break down during normal vehicle operation, with charges for repair due to factory defect.

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General Motors Air-Conditioning Problems

  1. Causes 

Condensor, fluid, and the overall system have been identified as the source of problems.
As the class action explains, “The first defective component is the line leading from the compressor to the condenser. This line consists primarily of an aluminum tube connected to a rubber hose. On information and belief, this line can fail in two ways. First, the aluminum tube can become disconnected from the rubber hose, creating an opening in the line that can allow refrigerant to escape. Second, the aluminum tube itself has a material defect that can allow the tube to rupture, also allowing refrigerant to escape.   GM has recognized this defect. It no longer manufactures the compressor to condenser line that was original equipment in the Class Vehicles.

General Motors instructed mechanics that if they find a failure in this line, they are to replace it with a newly designed line and install a bracket in the system to minimize flexion and movement of the compressor to condenser line. (Exhibit A). Unfortunately, customers who suffer this failure after the vehicle is out of warranty are required to purchase and pay for the installation of these new parts, thus having to pay twice to obtain a functioning air conditioning system.

    2. Vehicles Covered 

Vehicles with the Class Defect include the 2015 to 2017 model Cadillac Escalade and Escalade ESV; the 2015 to 2017 model Chevrolet Suburban; the 2015-2017 model Chevrolet Tahoe; the 2014 to 2017 model GMC Sierra 1500; the 2015/2016 model GMC Sierra Heavy Duty; the 2014 to 2017 model Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and the 2015/2016 model Chevrolet Silverado Heavy Duty

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GM Air Conditioning Problem

Owners of certain makes and models of General Motors vehicles have been reporting air conditioners blowing warm air, not enough air, or failing altogether.  Not only have their air conditioners failed, but they have had to wait months for the dealer to obtain replacement parts to correct the defect, because GM is swamped with A/C fixes.

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Two proposed class action lawsuits cover the following vehicles:

  • 2015-2017 Cadillac Escalade
  • 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado
  • 2015-2017 Chevrolet Suburban
  • 2015-2017 Chevrolet Tahoe
  • 2014-2016 GMC Sierra
  • 2015-2017 GMC Yukon

If you own one of the above vehicles and are experiencing problems with your air conditioning, contact us at 973-598-1980 for a free consultation on your potential claim.



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Five class actions have been filed against GM stating that certain GM trucks and SUVs were sold with a defective air conditioning system.   Even GM acknowledges that the claims ‘share factual questions arising from the allegations of a common defect.’


1. Vehicles Covered

Complaints have been reported about,

Cadillac Escalade (model years 2015-2017),
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (model years 2014-2016),
Chevrolet Suburban (model years 2015-2017),
Chevrolet Tahoe (model years 2015-2017),
GMC Sierra 1500 (model years 2014-2016)
GMC Yukon (model years 2015-2017)

2. Defect and Cause of the Air-Conditioning Problem

Several of the components in the air conditioning system are “too weak to
hold the pressure of the coolant” which builds up when the system is on.  One problem is that the discharge lines and condensers are too weak to handle the pressure the coolant is under.   Parts are causing coolant to leak out and air to seep in, which causes water vapor to freeze into ice, blocking the circulation of coolant.  The fluid is forced out of the system, making the system ineffective, and creating other potential problems.

3. Claims

Claims may be filed for breach of implied warranty, lemon law, express warranty, and violation of the federal Magnuson-Moss Act.  Further, complaints  allege that GM
knew about the alleged air conditioning defect, withheld that information from the public, and continued to advertise and sell the vehicles without informing purchasers of any issue.   Service bulletins related to the air conditioning defect were issued in
October 2014 and May 2015, online forums that contained customer complaints, and there have been ae number of claims for AC System repairs and part replacements
made during the car’s warranty periods.



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