Ford Transmission Class action

A group of owners and lessees of Ford Motor Co.'s Fiesta and Focus vehicles with allegedly faulty PowerShift transmissions asked a California federal judge Tuesday to reject a proposed settlement they claim allows attorneys and named plaintiffs to pocket substantial benefits while giving short shrift to large portions of the class. Owners of vehicles with [...]

Compensation for Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus Transmission Problems

A lawsuit was filed on behalf of  class of consumers who purchased  2011 through 2016 Ford Fiesta and 2012 through 2016 Ford Focus Ford's Dual Clutch or "PowerShift" Transmission. The lawsuit, entitled Vargas, et al. v. Ford Motor Company (Case No. CV12-08388 AB (FFMx)), was resolved by a proposed settlement that was preliminarily approved by the United [...]

New Ford Focus Transmission Claim Filed

Consumers continue to complain about Ford Focus transmission problem.  A California paper reports a new filing. Consumer seeks rescission of Ford vehicle's sales contract, alleges transmission has defects.   A Fresno County consumer alleges the Ford Focus she purchased has defects in the transmission.   Carolyn Garcia filed a complaint on June 13 in the Fresno County Superior [...]


You are a member of a proposed Settlement Class (“Class Member”) if you are a past or current owner or lessee of a 2012-2016 Ford Focus or a 2011-2016 Ford Fiesta equipped with a PowerShift Transmission (“Class Vehicle”). Owners or lessees with pending lawsuits against Ford based on alleged problems with the PowerShift Transmission in Class Vehicles are automatically excluded from participating in the Settlement

Ford F150 2015-16 Brake Problems.

Owner of the 2015-16 Ford F 150 may be entitled to compensation for brake problems.  Following its receipt of complaint about brake malfunction and failure, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that it would be investigating problems with the cars' brake.  Class actions dealing with the brakes are being evaluated. Call (973) 598-1980 for [...]


Owners of the Ford Fiesta and other models have complained of multiple transmission problems.  Reports include, •             Hesitation When Trying To Accelerate   •             Slipping, Chugging   •             Clanging, Hesitating, Loses Power   •             Transmission Jerking While Driving   •             Stutter, Stalls In Low Gear   •             Dragging, Crunching, Etc Noise   •             Hesitation At [...]


    A lawsuit has been filed claim problems with the  2016 Ford Shelby GT350 Mustangs.  Vehicle owns claim the vehicle overheat and malfunction in limp mode.  in as little as 15 minutes. Ford owners may be entitled to compensation for vehicle problems or diminished use. FREE CONSULTATION ON YOUR FORD MUSTANGE OR SHELBY ENGINE [...]

List Of Sources For Ford Focus Problem

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