Kia Sedona Power Sliding Door Defect

Kia Sedona owners have complained about problems with the sliding doors.  Owners may be entitled to compensation or other relief. More than 106,400 model year 2015-2018 Kia Sedona minivans have power sliding doors that could automatically close on objects located between the sliding doors and the minivans.  The power sliding door module controls the sensor... Continue Reading →

Toyota Camry Piston Problems

A report from discussed problems with Toyota Camry engine piston. Recall: 2018 Toyota Camry Cars May Need New Engines March 28, 2018 — Toyota is recalling 1,700 model year 2018 Camry cars to possibly replace the entire engines because of problems with the pistons. The supplier of the pistons was performing a routine that... Continue Reading →

Nissan Titan Transmission Problem

Petitioner contends that his 2016 Nissan Titan XD suffers from a condition in which there is a rough shift between first and second gears, and that the vehicle’s RPM’s surge and it lurches forward at times. Petitioner alleges that these are defects which substantially impairs the use, value, and safety of the vehicle within the... Continue Reading →

Nissan Transmission defect

Owners of Nissan vehicles may be entitled to compensation for transmission problems.   The continuously variable transmission (“CVT”) known as the “JATCO CVT8HT.” CVT is defective in design, and as a result is prone to causing sudden, unexpected shaking  and violent jerking (commonly referred to as “juddering” or “shuddering”) when a driver attempts to accelerate.  See class... Continue Reading →

Nissan Rogue Paint Peeling

there is definitely a problem with 2013 Nissan Rogue pearl white. I've had the exact same issue with my paint chipping. Corporate also told me it was a warranty issue

9 Speed Transmission Recall

There have been multiple recalls, service bulletins, and  changes in the 9 speed transmission to address serious problems. Jeep and Land Rover showed the first nine-speed  automatic transmissions of the world  at the 2013 Nobel Geneva Motor Show  with the  Jeep Cherokee 2014 the first nine-speed automatic transmission commercially available.   1. Recall Automotive supplier ZF is recalling a control sensor found on... Continue Reading →

Nissan Cvt Transmission Problems

Nissan had created a “CVT” transmission on many of its vehicles.  Owners have reported problems that include, erratic shifting,  problems with acceleration,  improper shifting, no engagement into gear, shudder, shaking or vibration.  Nissan CVT Owner may be entitled to compensation for diminished value, loss of use, or other problems. 

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