Transmission Defects Increase as New Transmissions are Rushed to Market

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As fuel efficiency regulations and consumer expectations have increased, automobile manufacturers have been pressured to create new, more efficient transmissions.  Called various names, the new-style transmissions offer more gears and/or more efficient shifting with the goal of making the vehicle use less gas.  Examples of new transmissions include:

  • Ford PowerShift
  • Chrysler 9 Speed
  • Nissan CVT

Unfortunately, the promise of these new transmissions has not been fulfilled.  Customers are experiencing hesitation, jerking, bucking, hard-shifting, stalling.  Vehicle manufacturers blame the customer, claiming the vehicle is operating “as designed”, or performing software upgrades which do nothing.

We have been investigating these issues for some time.  In some cases, class action lawsuits have been initiated.  In many cases, we have secured compensation for clients with these defective vehicles.  See below for more details about these types of faulty transmissions.

Dodge Dart Transmission Problems

Ford PowerShift Transmission Defect

Nissan CVT Transmission Defects

Transmission defects can be potentially dangerous and interfere with operation of the vehicle.  Owners may be entitled to exchange vehicle or secure compensation for inconvenience or diminished value.

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