Ford Focus Class Action Complaint


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A class action lawsuit has been filed alleging purge valve problems in 2012-2015 Ford Focus vehicles.  This defect causes the vehicle to stall and experience other potentially dangerous engine problems.

What is a purge valve defect?

The Ford Focus lawsuit describes alleged problems caused by the purge valve that is used for the emissions system. The plaintiff says the EVAP system (evaporative emission control system) is used to store fuel vapors in the charcoal canister when the engine is running. Those vapors are supposed to be sent to the engine, if the system works as intended.  However, the plaintiff claims the purge valve can stick open and allow liquid gas to enter the EVAP system. The alleged purge valve problem will cause the gas gauge to give a driver false fuel level estimates and cause the Focus to stall while driving.

Who is eligible?

This is a class action lawsuit brought by on behalf of [Plaintiff] and a class of current and former owners and lessees of model years (“MY”) 2012- 2015 Ford Focus vehicles (collectively, the “Class Vehicles”) that were sold with defective Evaporative Emission Control (“EVAP”) systems.

What does the lawsuit say?

“This action arises from Defendant’s failure, despite its longstanding knowledge, to disclose to Plaintiff and other similarly situated customers that the Class Vehicles had defective EVAP systems.  As explained above, Class Vehicles were sold with a defective purge valve, which regulates the intake of fuel vapors into the engine to reduce vehicle emissions. This defect, which manifests itself within the limited warranty period or shortly after the limited warranty period expires, can cause the engine to shut off while the car is in motion. This crucial defect has put the Plaintiff, as well as countless members of the Class, at risk of great bodily harm.   Ford knew, or should have known, of this critical defect at the time of sale or shortly thereafter when numerous members of the putative class began.  Plaintiff reserves the right to amend or add to the vehicle models included in the definition of Class Vehicles after conducting discovery.  Yet, notwithstanding this knowledge, Ford has routinely failed to repair the Class Vehicles without charge when the defect manifests.”

What is the status of the class action?

The class action is “hanging by a thread” as Ford has successfully had several of the claims dismissed, leaving only one.  It is unclear to what degree Focus owners will be compensated.

What can Ford Focus owners do?

You may be able to secure reimbursement for repairs or other compensation without waiting for the lawsuit to settle.  Call the Law Office of Howard Gutman at (973) 598-1980 for a free consultation on your options and claim.

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