Towing Company Fraud

Here, Pisack is not complaining about the authority of the police to move her illegally parked car. Instead, she complains about certain of the towing charges. The police did not supervise the towing charges. Moreover, the municipal ordinance allowing towing and storage charges does not insulate from challenge a towing company's actual charges. Indeed, the statute that authorizes municipalities to regulate towing services requires each municipality to provide a dispute resolution procedure, effectively recognizing that towing companies will sometimes overcharge or charge for services that are not permitted. N.J.S.A. 40:48-2.54. Furthermore, Pisack did not sue Newark. She sued a privately-owned towing company that charged her for towing her car.

Unlawful Towing Company Practices

Not all towing is legal - even if you are unlawfully parked.  The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs helps you understand the Predatory Towing Prevention Act - what towing companies are and aren't allowed to do. Has your car been unlawfully towed?  You may have options.  Call us at the Law Office of Howard... Continue Reading →

Suing for Towing Abuses

Yes, you may have remedies when you have been unlawfully towed.  Here are just a couple unlawful practices outlined in the New Jersey Predatory Towing Act. 1. Trolling by Dishonest Towing Company A towing company sees a car illegally parked and tows it.  That is unlawful unless the towing company has a contract with the... Continue Reading →


  Passengers on the recent Norwegian Cruise which traversed a storm suffered a scary experience.  Our office is investigating claims and a class action. Call (973) 598-1980 for a Free Consultation  


"Slamming and cramming" - "Slamming" happens when a phone company illegally switches your phone service without your permission. "Cramming" occurs when companies add charges to your phone bill without your permission. "Bill shock" - A sudden and unexpected increase in monthly wireless bills that is not caused by a change in service plans.  False or misleading advertisements - You may have purchased an "unlimited" mobile plan from your phone company, but didn't get what you paid for. 

Fraud Claims against Automobile Dealers

Several types of claims may be filed against automobile dealers in New Jersey. 1. New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act The law prohibits any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation.  N.J.S.A. 56:8-2.  Typical examples are, false advertising, bait and switch failure to provide deal paperwork 2. Breach of warranty and lemon law... Continue Reading →

Failure to Disclose Prior Lemon

What happens if a car is declared a lemon.  Many consumers do not realize the vehicle can be resold.  Claims may be fraud Failure to comply with the Disclosure Statute  417-a. Mandatory disclosures by sellers prior to resale. (New York State Consolidated Laws : Vehicle & Traffic) Some dealers violate the disclosure law which says... Continue Reading →


Used car purchasers can be defrauded in many ways.  There are several types of claims to understand.   1. Auto Fraud The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act prohibits deception, fraud, and false statements.  Documentation is helpful for dealers readily deny misrepresentation. 2. Breach of Warranty  Express warranties are based on the failure to repair the... Continue Reading →

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