Cable Television Fraud and OverCharges


Many consumers have complaint about Cable Overcharges.  If you have been overcharged, you may be entitled to a refund or compensation, at no cost to you.  Here are some of the ovecharges outlined in an industry article.   Cable TV Fraud Article 

“As we’ve well discussed, the broadband and TV sector not only has some of the worst satisfaction scores in modern history. A lack of real competition has long allowed the industry to double down on all manner of bad behavior, whether that’s net neutrality and privacy violations, or just unprecedentedly-awful customer service. But in recent years the industry has developed another nasty habit: billing fraud involving everything from falsely signing customers up for services they never ordered to entirely bogus fees designed to let companies falsely advertise lower rates.

T-Mobile was accused last year of signing users up for services they neither wanted nor ordered. Centurylink has similarly found itself in hot water for the same thing on a larger scale, the company now facing lawsuits in more than a dozen states for the practice. Washington State also recently sued Comcast, noting that the company not only routinely signs its customers up for a “Service Protection Plan” they never ordered, but consistently misrepresents what the plan actually does. You may or may not notice a pattern here.

Now Cox Communications, the nation’s third-largest cable provider, is being accused of the same thing. A company whistleblower has accused company employees of repeatedly… you guessed it… fraudulently signing customers up for services they never ordered to nab bonuses they didn’t actually earn.”

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No there was not what the cable company said would be the charge.  

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