Jeep Wrangler & Other Models Water Leak

In a recent case, Chrysler acknowledge a significant problem with water leak on Jeep Wrangler and other models.

he Court decision in Baker v. FCA states,

“Mr. Santora, a declared expert in this hearing for the automotive repair industry, and as a representative of Chrysler in this matter, based on his years of experience and credentials, stated that the first time he saw this car was the day of the hearing. He further testified that industry recognizes that water leaks are prevalent in this vehicle. Mr. Santora affirmed, when asked, that there are many causes of water intrusion in this type of vehicle. Mr. Santora agreed, when asked, that improper placement of the soft-top would cause a water intrusion as well as missing parts, i.e., a missing piece of foam from the seal kit. Mr. Santora further identified, when shown, that R-6 is a limited warranty for all Chrysler Jeeps.

Mr. Santora stated that Jeeps have been known to leak and that the Wrangler model, due to the fact they have removable tops, is prone to this type of concern. Mr. Santora stated that that the Manufacturer is aware of these concerns and that is why they publish the Jeep Wrangler Diagnosis and Repair Manual for Water Leaks for dealership technicians.”

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