Chrysler Pacifica Stalling Problem

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Owners of the Chrysler Pacifica have complained of stalling, vehicle cutoff, and erratic performance.


On May 20, 2017, my 2017 Pacifica shut off while driving. The dash displayed the message, “vehicle must be in park to switch gears,” or something along those lines. I had to place my vehicle back in park and restart the engine. Most people who have taken theirs for service have been told that no codes were pulled and to bring it back if it happens again. Obviously unacceptable.”

The owner checked online and found other 2017 Pacifica owners who described the stalling problems.

“One customer was told that his Pacifica was fixed but they refused to document the issue and wouldn’t tell him what was wrong or how they fixed it. One owner was told it was a VRM fail and another had the fuel rail sensor replaced. This all seems so fishy to me. I don’t understand how I can find so many instances of this happening by doing a quick google search, but Chrysler seems dumbfounded by this problem.”

The Center for Auto Safety says Chrysler should recall about 150,000 model year 2017 Pacifica minivans and get the vehicles off the roads by providing customers loaner vehicles until the automaker can determine how to fix the minivans. See www.


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