Chrysler 200 Transmission Problems

There have been a number of complaints about the Chrysler 200 transmission. (If you want to see what it is supposed to do, check the manufacturer’s youtube video).   Designed to save gas and meet certain government standards, the vehicle shows erratic performance.  Our office is co-counsel on a national class action and here are some typical complaints about the vehicle.

I drove a Chrysler 200s with 9 speed transmission and its responsiveness was a nightmare. First at highway speed it was very (very) hard to accelerate when you wanted to change line and make pass. It took ridiculous long time to downshift and found the necessary power. On the other hand, it seemed also confused to shift in stop and go traffic. At one time the car just won’t move until I floored the gas pedal since it really couldn’t.

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Chrysler 200 Transmission Problem

Lemon law claims lady

Owners of the Chrysler 200 have experienced significant transmission problems which includes jerking and hesitation,  rough shifting,

1.  9 Speed Class Action

A class action has been filed alleging widespread problems with Chrysler’s  V9-speed automatic transmissions (“ZF 9HP Automatic Transmissions”).

2. Promises and statements by Chrysler

Chrysler suggested the 9 speed transmission would provide aggressive launches, smooth power delivery at highway speeds and improved fuel efficiency versus a six-speed automatic transmission. The ZF 9HP Automatic Transmissions was supposed to provide  superior performance due to its unique 9.8 ratio spread and computer-controlled shifting designed to provide exemplary gas mileage together with performance.  Results have been disappointing.  The class action complaint says this about the Jeep Cherokee with the same 9 speed transmission,

The all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee completely redefines
the mid-size SUV segment, delivering legendary Jeep
4×4 capability, improved fuel economy, superior onroad
ride and handling, revolutionary design, worldclass
craftsmanship, clever functionality and versatility,
more than 70 safety and security features and userfriendly
technology. The Jeep Cherokee delivers
unmatched off-road capability while not sacrificing onroad
ride and handling, comfort or segment-leading

Explanations for the problems have varied.  One auto magazine says,

the 9HP’s software on the other hand responds by  cutting power initially, then diving as far down the  gear-ladder as it can, engaging the dog clutches and  then reinstating your throttle command. The result is a  somewhat odd delay between the pedal on the floor and
the car taking off like a bat out of hell.

Owners of this defective vehicles may be entitled to compensation for loss of use, diminished values, or other claims.  We offer a free consultation as part of our continuing investigation into defects in these cars.

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