Ford Escape, Fiesta Coolant Leak

Ford announced that a coolant leak recall is set to begin for owners of Ford Escapes, Fiesta STs, Fusions and Transit Connects, with 2014 Escape SUVs first on the list.  The recall was first announced in March 2017 that covers about 230,000 model year 2014 Ford Escape, 2014-2015 Ford Fiesta ST, 2013-2014 Ford Fusion and 2013-2015 Ford Transit Connect vehicles.  The vehicles can overheat and catch on fire because a lack of coolant causes the cylinder heads to overheat and the heads to crack. This can cause pressurized oil leaks that can result in engine compartment fires.  All the vehicles are equipped with 1.6-liter EcoBoost engines, but when all the vehicles will be repaired is up in the air. Ford says parts are now available to complete the recall on Escape SUVs only.

The coolant leak may leak to air-conditioning problems, engine issues, and other concerns.  Owners experiencing problems may be entitled to compensation.

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